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Smart Notification Marketing

Profit from Web Push Notifications thanks to

  • list image Segmentation
  • list image Personalization
  • list image Automation

(EN) Erschließen Sie sich einen neuen Kanal für die effektive Kommunikation von News, Angeboten und Remarketing-Kampagnen.

(EN) Unsere All-In-One-Lösung beinhaltet

  • list image (EN) Web Push Management
  • list image (EN) Web Tracking
  • list image (EN) Customer Data Platform

The intelligent all-in-one solution

Collect subscriptions and send notifications directly to desktop, tablet and smartphone users with just a few clicks.

Take advantage of the Auto Campaign feature and instantly turn on intelligent remarketing:

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Increase conversions by recovering abandoned shopping carts.


Convert prospects by offering assistance or additional incentives.


Increase the return rate through drip campaigns.


Increase follow-up purchases, up- and cross-selling.

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Create in Seconds
Increase customer engagement as simple as 1-2-3
  • feature image Add Text And Image
  • feature image Define Terget Audience
  • feature image Set Delivery Options
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Leverage User Behavior
Take action on behavioral signals in real time
  • Powerful Segmentation feature image
  • Shopping Cart Recovery feature image
  • Trigger and Drip Campaigns feature image
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Plugins for all the major platforms

Up and running within minutes! Copy the signalize code into the HTML of your website. Set up the opt-in. You´re done! Get started in 5 minutes with these plugins:


Independently tested and awarded compliance with GDPR

With the privacy seal signalize satisfies the requirements of the data protection authorities:

"Responsible persons must demonstrate, in the context of their accountability under Art. 5 (2) GDPR, that the processing of personal data is lawful."

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signalize is powered by etracker

With our products etracker Analytics and etracker Optimiser, we are serving many thousands of companies successfully with Web Analytics, experimantation and personalization for nearly 20 years.

With signalize we can do even more with your user data

Thanks to the integrated tracking, you can easily message the right users at the right time with the right content