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Reach your visitors anytime and anywhere.

Send messages to all major browsers and devices.

A powerful, easy-to-use platform for all push channels:

  • Web Push for Android phones and desktop browser screens (PC/Mac).
  • Wallet Push for iPhones (iOS).
  • App Push for mobile apps (Android and iOS).

Monthly opt-in rates for Web Push are 6.6% and for Wallet Push 11.5%*, while click-through rates average 3-9%* depending on design and targeting.

*Signalize Benchmark Study Feb 2021.

Integrated in minutes.

Includes tracking of all interaction data for segmentation & personalization:

  1. Simply add a code snippet to your website and upload a JavaScript file to your server – manually or via plugin.
  2. Integrate the DevKits for your mobile app.
  3. Embed our template for your privacy notice.

That’ s it!

Getting high consent rates.

Design the perfect invitation for your website:

  • Cross-device styles optimised for Chrome, Firefox,
    Safari, Opera, Edge
  • Multi-lingualism
  • Templates for action button, banner, modal box,
    darkened background
  • Integration of own invitation elements
  • Timer
  • Pages whitelisting and blacklisting

Send messages in the blink of an eye.

Just keep your message short and sweet, and control who gets it and when with sending options:

  • Preview and dispatch to your own device
  • Rich Web Push Formats: large images and action buttons
  • Any target URLs with automatic tracking parameters
  • Target group selection with broadcast range
  • Optional time limit after which messages not received will no longer be delivered
  • Time control by date and time

Efficiency with Marketing Automation.

Make it easy with targeted trigger campaigns:

  • Welcome message and journey for new signups
  • Reactivation in case of longer website absence
  • Reminders for abandoned carts
  • Customized trigger campaigns for lead qualification, up- and cross-selling, follow-up
  • Automatically keep recipients up to date on new content with RSS-to-Push
  • Connect Signalize via API or Zapier integration to trigger rule-based pushes from CRM, ERP, weather data, etc.

Sports Edition

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Ideal for clubs, events and sports organizations.
Easily raise communication with fans, members and participants to top level.

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